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Players line up outside all four blue lines


1. On whistle, one side leaves, O1 moves the puck cross ice to O2 who leaves up ice. O1 moves in the neutral zone.


2. After O2 receives the pass he immediately moves the puck to O3.


3. O3 moves the puck cross ice to O4, O2 supports the puck through the neutral zone.


4. O4 moves the puck to O2 in the neutral zone, O1 pivots facing the puck in the neutral zone and heads up ice.


5. O2 carries the puck a few strides and moves the puck to O1, before he enters the zone.


6. O1 enters the zone with the puck, and drops the puck exchanging the lanes with O2.


7. O2 picks up the puck, now in the outside lane O1 drives the the net


8. O2 shots, O1 looks for rebound




-Move the puck quick through the neutral zone

-O2 times his movement through the neutral zone

-Make sure O1 receives the pass before entering the offensive zone

-O1 spots the puck in a good area entering the zone so O2 can carry the puck wide, exchange lanes

-O1 drive the net for rebound


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